Experience centuries of innovation …


The New Britain Industrial Museum collects, preserves and exhibits items representing more than 200 years of New Britain innovation and invention.

From 19th century hooks & eyes to 21st century ERA Cobra Cars the museum and its collection serve as a bridge between New Britain’s past and present and provides inspiration for the future.

New Britain’s impact has been, and continues to be, felt far beyond its borders and very few of the items we use or wear everyday could have been created without a machine, or a part, or a concept that originated in New Britain.  In fact, for most of the 20th Century every American came into contact with at least one New Britain Product a day; it was either made here, had a part in it that was made here or was made on a New Britain machine.

Stanley no 45 combination plane

There is something for everyone on display…..whether your interest lies in kitchen appliances or hand tools you will be amazed at the range of items manufactured in New Britain and the stories of the places they were made: Stanley Works, Stanley Rule & Level, North & Judd, P.F. Corbin, Russell & Erwin, Landers, Frary & Clark, Fafnir, New Britain Machine and many, many more! Explore our website and our Facebook page to learn about the history of the Hardware City of the World and who we are and what we do.


New Britain products are known round the world and the New Britain Industrial Museum has a collection of these items dating back to 1812. There has long been a need to preserve these artifacts representative of the creativeness and efforts of its people over the generations. The New Britain Industrial Museum, which opened in 1995, was formed to appreciate the past as well as to inspire for the future.  We hope you will visit soon.

Randall N. Judd