Buffalo Bill

At the turn of the 20th century, Buffalo Bill Cody was traveling the globe and was the most famous American in the World. He brought his show to New Britain, and Connecticut, many times and when he was in town he would visit his friends at North & Judd. North & Judd was the largest producer of Horse Hardware in the world and, apparently, Buffalo Bill Cody was a fan of their wares…. Cody became friends with Frederick Monier (a salesman for North & Judd whose territory was the American Southwest) and Howard Cole Noble (VP/Treasurer of North & Judd) and spent the day with some of his performers at Noble’s house on the CT shore. Buffalo Bill assigned the patent he was awarded for a pistol bit he designed to North & Judd, where it was produced until the 40’s.

Dexter Fellows, a New Britain resident, worked as Buffalo Bill’s press agent for almost a decade before becoming the press agent for the Ringling Brothers Circus.

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