Who We Are:


The mission of the New Britain Industrial Museum is to collect, preserve and exhibit to the general public examples of industrial artifacts representative of the ingenuity and creativeness of generations of Hardware City people in a continuing effort both to cultivate awareness of their past productivity and to inspire future industrial accomplishment.


The New Britain Industrial Museum is grounded in a proud tradition of innovation. We celebrate the contribution of New Britain to the region’s present and future development. The museum makes our community stronger by increasing cultural & historic awareness through exhibits and programming for children and adults.


The New Britain Industrial Museum was conceived in the early-1990’s by Horace Van Dorn, retired Vice President of Engineering at Fafnir Bearing, who felt there needed to be a local museum dedicated to New Britain’s history and accomplishments that could “generate civic pride and inspiration for education in our youth. It would serve as an economic beacon for future industrial development…and a meaningful attraction for tourism.” In April 1995 the New Britain Industrial Museum opened it’s doors in the CCSU/ITBD building with Mayor Linda Blogoslawski releasing a Stanley Tape Rule across the doorway; in the Fall of 2017 Mayor Erin Stewart released a Stanley Tape Rule across the doorway of the Museum’s new, and current location, 59 W. Main Street.  A division of the New Britain Institute, the New Britain Industrial Museum is a non-profit 501 (C ) (3) managed by an executive director and governed by a board of directors; and receives it’s support from membership dues, donations and grants.

Visit CT Museum Quest for a great review of the museum and its collection; then come see how we have changed since 2006!


Riza Brown




  • Jonathan Scott, Chairman
  • Stephen Mangan, Vice-Chairman
  • Frank Bradley, Secretary
  • Randall Judd, Treasurer


  • Mallory Howard
  • Craig Nolan
  • Reed Rathgeber


  • Horace Van Dorn
  • Warren Kingsbury
  • Adolph Betterini
  • Lois Blomstrann
  • William Wixon